COVID-19 Update


Message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global Engagement – Stuart Morriss

Dear Agents

As you know, the end of mid-semester break is drawing near. When the semester recommences Monday 20 April, Massey University will continue with online course delivery as New Zealand will still be at COVID-19 Alert Level 4. The restrictions associated with Alert Level 4 mean Massey cannot offer face-to-face teaching on campus.

On Monday 20 April, the New Zealand Government will decide whether to extend New Zealand’s nationwide lockdown, take the country to Alert Level 3 or potentially maintain the lockdown in only certain regions of the country.

Due to the current circumstances, we believe all students are experiencing some form of “impaired performance” in completing their assessments and this will be considered during the grading of their studies. As this decision applies to all students, they will not be required to complete paperwork for impaired performance.

Though Semester 2 is still some time away, and changes may be made to the alert level in the intervening period, Massey is planning for all scenarios. The start of Semester 2 will be delayed by just one week and will now commence on 20 July. The mid-semester break will only be a week-long, commencing on 31 August. Our enrolment processes for Semester 2 are operating as normal, and we are encouraging our students to continue with their enrolment even if they need to commence study online until they are able to obtain a valid student visa and travel to New Zealand. Students will still be required to provide an indicative English language score to be admitted into their programme of choice, and we will be in touch in the coming weeks to share more information on how this may be completed.

Our campuses are currently closed, except to those students self-isolating in halls. However, we are trying hard to make the “new normal” as normal as it can be and have made every effort to ensure our student services are still available including our health and counselling centres and our Library service, which has a wide array of services and resources available online. All this information is available on our website.

For our students, the continuation or commencement of study online should not present too many challenges. However, we know you will have questions and we have tried to answer many of these on our website

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any further queries.